Is Purpose Changing Branding?

Advantages Advantages Jan 15, 2020 · 1 min read
Is Purpose Changing Branding?
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Just as man once discovered fire by rubbing sticks together, he later rubbed a few stats together and discovered branding. Demographics — age, education, income, residence and buying patterns — became the determining factors of a company brand, and determined the course of advertising for the next hundred years. And then, just as man got the hang of this branding thing, a new brand of humans came along and changed the whole game.

Enter the Cultural Creatives. The “CC”s are everywhere — every age, every income, every education level. And their acutely informed levels of social and global awareness are radically changing purchasing decisions. It’s exciting to see an emerging culture that challenges companies to rethink their corporate values, brand identities and marketing strategies. Finally, it looks like branding is growing a conscience.

CCs are extremely brand loyal, and they’re exceptionally skeptical about advertising. They can’t be told by any form of marketing what to do or what to buy. Instead, they consult their own networks of trusted friends for product information and advice. After thousands of years, it looks like the tribal council is back, and according to the stats it looks like they’re here to stay.

Brands with higher purposes– authentically focused on Why they do things, not just what they do and how they do it– are the most likely to be embraced by these new tribal councils. If companies do not have a purpose, or are not authentic in their cause, their chances of being around ten years from now are slim. From now on, it could very well be that good guys finish first.

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